Shoes for orthotics

Shoes suitable for the insertion of orthotics

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Orthotics are commonly provided by a chiropodist and are used as a preventative measure to stop a particular foot problem from worsening. This could be as a result of arthritis or bunions, or any other foot problem caused by an accident or bad posture. The majority of foot problems are routine, and orthotics can help to ease them.

An orthotic is a method adopted to sort out the problem, whether it is something relatively minor such as a blister or a callus, or something altogether more serious. A common problem experienced by many people is bad posture caused by the ankles bending in towards each other and putting unnatural pressure on many parts of the body. An orthotic can prevent this by providing extra support under the sole of the foot, shifting pressure and preventing the user from feeling too much pain.

Shoes For Orthotics come in all shapes and sizes. Some have been specially made to a person’s unique foot shape, whereas others can be bought from the shop to help with a more general problem. They are usually made of either a soft insole to reduce the force of shocks, or a stiff insole to provide arch support.

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  1. Benu says:

    Hi, Kelly, thanks for your qusetion and forgive my slow response. While cushion will help with giving some protection to the ball of your foot, high heels will still alter the mechanics of your feet, ankles, and legs. For example, the Achilles tendon will still be held in a very shortened position which can lead to more foot problems down the road. While it’s probably unreasonable to expect women to give up heels completely, I definitely recommend wearing them as little as possible and minimizing the amount of walking you do while wearing them. Take care, happy walking!Dr. Kalla

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